Caring for Aging Parents

includes caring for you.

  • Feeling overwhelmed

  • Not feeling like you are doing enough

  • Distraught about the situation

  • Wondering how you will keep up

  • Surprised when grief suddenly knocks you off balance

No one told me that I would be the caregiver for my parentsIt just happened that way.  There were certain parts that I would have preferred not to experience, and the reality is that we don't get to pick and choose.

I would never trade away the delightful moments, and then there were also those times when I wished someone else would take over.  It is perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed and even sometimes trapped.

Having professionals to talk to certainly made it easier for me.  Let's plan a strategy to make this easier for you.  I have lived it, and now as a Northridge therapist, I can help you with the process. 

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