Performance Enhancement

Achieving Success


  • Academic Challenges

  • Waivering Confidence

  • Difficulty following thru

  • Negative thoughts

  • Sabotaging behaviors


  • Self-punishing behaviors

  • Angry outbursts

  • Burnout

Maximizing Your Potential

Focus & Concentration

Over 30 years of experience playing, coaching, and managing in intercollegiate athletics.  What I loved most was the “aha” moment when my team “got it,” executed it, and felt good about the result.  On the otherside was the question of what to do when one of the most talented kids wakes up and suddenly tells their parents they don’t want to play anymore or they are no longer interested in school.  Now as a Northridge therapist I will work with you, your son or daughter, or a student you coach to prevent burnout and minimize imbalance and help everyone get back to the enjoyment of competition. 

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