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Trauma Recovery

When a shocking or stressful event occurs we often have an emotional response to it.  Trauma is that emotional response.  We might see a terrible incident or be in an accident, or even just hear the horrific sounds of something gruesome.  It might be that we feel the vibration or thud of impact or we receive shocking news.  All of these events cause distress in us and we then feel afraid and vulnerable.  Symptoms may not be obvious to those around us and they often differ depending on the person, situation, and support received.  Sleeplessness, nightmares, flashbacks, jumpiness, anxiety, irritability, & withdrawal, are only a few of the many symptoms.  I have helped individuals recover from traumatizing events ranging from sexual assault and car accidents to the Northridge earthquake and social unrest. 

Seeking treatment is what has brought you to this website, so you are on the right path.  Psychotherapy is effective in treating trauma.  We will work together to find what is most effective treatment for you.  What works for you might have to do with the type of trauma you experienced and if it was a single incident trauma or if you were traumatized repeatively over a length of time. 

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