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Back to school - it shouldn't be a risk.

It is the end of August and school has started. Do parents have a reason to be worried? What risk might a young adult take that could change their life, forever? Risk can take the form of a student making a decision about something that might be unwise, or it could take the form of sharing something personal and important with a confidant.

Positive risks that might feel scary:

  • Asking someone to go on a date

  • Trying out for a team

  • Accepting a job

  • Running for student body

  • Being named team captain

  • Standing up to a bully

  • Falling in love

  • Volunteering to help others

  • Coming out about not being heterosexual

Risky decisions that might be detrimental:

  • Skipping school

  • Smoking

  • Not completing homework

  • Having sex

  • Drinking alcohol

  • Driving recklessly

  • Being dishonest to parents

  • Coming out about not being heterosexual

Parents, are you having conversations with your son and daughter about these possibilities? Did anyone have them with you when you were young? Imagine if they did. Now is your chance.

Students, talk to your parents about these issues. It feels scary, but it is a positive risk. You think your parents have no idea about your experience. Give them a chance. Ultimately they love you. They may not tell you, and they do love you. If you are scared or if you don’t feel anyone cares, try mom or dad, tell them it’s important. Dare to be surprised by them.

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